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Raising the Salad Bar … If you were to pick just one word to describe Nature’s Table it would be “balance.” Whether it’s cool, vibrant healthful salads in the summer or olive-infused winter grain and rice salads, you’ve got a winner; and the best thing about Nature’s Table is you can make your own, which is the best way to kick up your wellness meter.

Nature’s Table is more than satisfying ... it’s healthy!


Salad sets the tone for the meal. Yet, too many salad bars offer only the usual suspects with no sign of the chef’s creativity or imagination. At Nature’s Table we not only draw from the flavors of the American landscape and rich culinary history, we also tap the international front to bring out flavors and textures from areas such as the Mediterranean. This region, in particular, offers a wealth of salad ideas: Drawing from the antipasti tradition of Italy, the tapas of Spain, the hors d’oeuvres of France, and the meze table of Greece, Turkey and the Middle East, we have elevated the salad bar and made it a drawing card.


Besides the standard crudités salad bar, our composed salads fall into the following categories:

  • Bean salads (chickpeas, fava beans, white beans and lentils)

  • Grain and bread salads (rice, cracked wheat, bulgur or farro)

  • Chopped salads (flavors from Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Morocco, Spain and Israel)

  • Fruit salads (fresh, zesty, fruit-based salads found all over the Mediterranean)

  • Cooked vegetable salads (Composed salads made with potatoes, fennel, green beans, beets, roasted peppers)